Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

My regularly scheduled sessions are over for the year. I'm torn between being happy and well, not so happy. Happy because the commute from Long Island to Manhattan can be a beast after work. Not so happy because I'm really only skating once a week as it is. Happy because I don't have to monitor on Sunday mornings while trying to get 15 minutes of ice time. Not so happy because at least I had 15 more minutes of ice time.

And I'm still cold.

I'm thinking of naming my facial twitches as I have named everything else happening to my body. I think I'll name her Tammy. Whenever I really can't sleep, that old movie is on Turner Classic Movies and it puts me out within 20 minutes. Thank you Debbie Reynolds.

The Sunday session may change in February. Seems the parents of the higher test skaters want their little darlings to have an 80 minute session without having to worry about the rest of us lower level skaters in the way. The session would begin at 10:00 and end at 11:20. An ice cut would follow and those deemed unworthy of the high test session would have a 50 minute session beginning at 11:30. I wouldn't mind this because the woman who monitors has a daughter who is a Senior lady. I would be more than happy to monitor that early session, however, once the Zamboni is on the ice, I am just another skater like everyone else. I would do nothing other than skate. Nothing.

My co-monitor doesn't like that idea because it would mean she'd have to get up early. Plus, I think she enjoys my only skating 15 minutes every Sunday. Personally, I'm hoping they will adopt the new schedule.

A parent suggested that the lower level skaters have (please sit down for this one) a 30 minute session. 30 minutes?!?!?! Are they mad? What in the wide, wide world of sports are they thinking? As much as they charge for ice time at this rink, who would come??

A new rink opened up 1 mile from my apartment. I think it's outdoors, but I don't care. Since my office is closed between Christmas and New Years (insert "happy dance" here), I'm going to go over and see what's what. I don't know what the schedule is because the website states the schedule will be online after Friday, December 17th and today's the 20th. I can even walk there, I think. Walking might be easier since they never did make those cars like in The Jetsons that you could fold up and put in your pocket. Plus, I've only been in that park once and I really don't remember how I got there. I do remember that I got lost. I asked a woman for directions. Never saw anyone that old run that fast before. I think she's still running and that was last year.

Regardless, I will find this rink. I knew I should have brought a bicycle.

Allow me now to change the subject. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Peaceful Winter Solstice, Happy New Year and any other holiday I may have forgotten. It seems like just yesterday it was summer and now, as I sit in my slightly overheated apartment, I realise that the year is nearly over. I must be getting old. When I was a kid, it took FOREVER for the Christmas vacation, now it seems as though I just put away my decorations from last Christmas... Wait, I think I DID just put them away in September. Not all of them, just the odd piece here and there. Doesn't everyone leave out Santa and a sleigh? FYI, this was my mom's Santa. It's animated and plays the sax. It plays two tunes: Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls. I always smile when I play it.

So, happy holidays everyone. Stay safe. Be well. I will probably be back before the end of the year.

Happy Holidays!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cold, Knees and Facial Flutters

I'm cold.

When I first started skating, I was always cold. I suppose it was because I wasn't moving very fast and had to constantly stop to catch my breath. I used to wear a camisole, cotton turtleneck shirt, sweatshirt, tights, knit unitard and pants to skate a freestyle session. At my old rink in Flushing Meadow Park, no matter what I did, I was cold. I used to drink two cups of hot chocolate (one before the session and one after) to try to stay warm. As time went on, I started having additional lessons and my progress improved so I wasn't quite so cold. Then I stopped skating in Flushing and started skating in Manhattan. After a year, I found myself sweating while skating and moved toward long tee shirts and leggings. I didn't bother to mention the year I skated in scrubs, but they were really comfortable.

I skated in long tee shirts and leggins until Ted. Ted was the most negative coach I have ever had. I came to Ted with all of my singles and before I left Ted, not only did I have a pair of skates stolen, all of my jumps left me; and some have yet to return. Sometimes you make a mistake. He was a nice enough guy, but not the coach for me. However, had it not been for Ted, I wouldn't have had a program choreographed by Amy who subsequently became my coach. I should note that the program was lovely, but both Amy and I said the music (chosen by Ted) was definitely NOT for me.

Fast forward to all the sessions skated recently. I am cold. Not just chilly, but as cold as I was back in the day. Some days, I can't seem to warm up no matter how long I skate. Now that I'm older, it takes longer to warm up and sometimes by the time I do, the session is over! It's like I'm starting from scratch.

My knees have decided that pain is a normal now. Last year, shortly after Thanksgiving, my left knee decided it was going to hurt all the time. I went to my orthopedic physician, Dr. Cutie (that's my nickname for him) who suggested an MRI. Unfortunately the location was not in my plan and as luck would have it, the pain subsided after three weeks of rest. I began wrapping my left (landing leg) knee with an ace bandage just because it felt stronger with the bandage (might have been all in my head). Several months later, my right knee started to bother me and I ended up wrapping both knees. I look like I've been a catcher for a major league baseball team and my broke down body needs some TLC.

The pain has returned on mt left knee so my right knee is no longer lonely.

This brings me to the facial flutters. They began in my left eye, ever so slightly and slowly, causing me to think my eye was just twitching because of allergies. Two weeks later, the occasional fluttering became longer and longer. What began as two minutes every hour became twenty minutes every forty minutes. Then, forty minutes every hour. The fluttering moved down to my cheek. So, my eye and cheek began to flutter for most of an hour. This was when I thought someone should take a look at it. However, before I had the appointment with a neurologist, my lip decided to join the party. Thus far, no one else has seen these flutters/spasms/twitches, but I can feel them. And they are annoying.

Approximately six years ago, I had my first bout with Bells Palsy. It was slight and lasted about a month. It all began with the left side of my face feeling numb. Since my dad had died from complications of a stroke, I was concerned. When my left eye stopped shutting totally, I became frightened. My neurologist (same one) told me it was stress related. Granted, this was before I purchased a car and was taking 6 buses round trip to and from work. But, my mom was still alive, which now counts as a good time.

My second bells palsy period lasted three weeks and was after my mom died. This too was related to stress, which considering the year I (and my family) had just had, was understandable. It wasn't so bad; people moved out of my way when my upper lip would raise and quiver when it wanted to. Sometimes, it made me laugh if I caught my reflexion.

This time neurologist gave me a prescription for a pill that is given to people who are psychotic. I AM NOT PSYCHOTIC! I am a woman who hates her job! I didn't get the script filled; I can't get over the reason for the medication.

I am trying to plan a vacation, alone. So far, all I have is I want to leave my skates at home.

Did I mention I want to go alone?