Thursday, August 29, 2013

Broken Hearted Me

Sometimes, I am left scratching my head. Sometimes, I am left shaking my head. Sometimes, I am left rather hurt. Today, I am a combination of all the above. One of the rinks I skate at decided, after being closed for 2 weeks earlier in the summer due to compressor issues, to cancel the remaining evening freestyle sessions. There was no notification until you showed up. Several skaters, myself included, arranged their schedules around these evening freestyle session, canceled trips, outings, drinks with friends, so we could skate these sessions. Two weeks, yes, two weeks before it was all supposed to end, the rink cancels the sessions and gives them to hockey. What? They couldn't wait two weeks?? I am waiting for them to post the new fall/winter session. If it's anything like last year, there are freestyle sessions at 5:00am and on the weekend. That's it. My June competition over, my feelings are still a bit hurt. I feel somewhat lost. I need to have a conversation with my coach about my skill level, expectations and aspirations for the coming season. It's my hope to compete at the Non-Qualifying Adult Eastern Championship, mostly because it's so close to home. It doesn't help when your coach asks if they'll be an artistic competition because that would be the only thing I'd do well in. Wow. Yep, still hurts. My home computer may have Malware, so if you get an email from me, I didn't send it. I haven't taken any vacation yet, and was just informed that the time I wanted to take doesn't work into my boss' schedule, so that response was "No". Although I know my schedule will work out eventually, for now, I'm feeling quite broken and battered about the whole thing. To quote an old song (which was already old when I first heard it) by The Happenings, "See you in September..."

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hear Me Roar

Lately, I've been working out a lot. There is a wonderful website (also on Youtube) called "FitnessBlender". It is awesome. So good, I discovered something I hadn't seen in a while: guns. Yes, guns. MY guns, located on my arms. Grrrrrrr!!!!! I also have the beginnings of a tush you can bounce quarters off of. While this hasn't translated to a lower number on the scale, I am fitting into clothes that were too tight at the beginning of the summer. Insert happy dance here. I don't know how to put a GIF into this blog. Although I am waiting for my abs/tummy to catch up to my arms and tush, I'll take what I got. Skating wise, I have more energy. However, I was unable to skate last week and won't be back on the ice until tomorrow. Hopefully, all this energy/strength will translate onto the ice. In the meantime, I can show you which way to the "gun show".

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Green Eyed Monster

I have recently maintained "radio silence" in an attempt to calm down. Recent developments in Florida, the heat on the east coast, various SUV drivers on the Long Island highways trying to run me off the road and financial difficulties have caused me to sit down and try to relax. I do not relax well. So rather than annoy or anger some of you out there, I decided to remain silent. You should be pleased because the four postings I had originally wrote were not positive, happy or about skating; just anger. On to skating. I am extremely competitive. This comes from being the youngest in a theatrical family, where you are constantly competing against one of your siblings. I became so weary of competing against my sister that I left the theatre. It wasn't an easy decision (although I was no longer getting hired) and sometimes I regret it, but then I remember how ticked off my sister would become if I got the show and she didn't. See, we look a lot alike for two women who are not twins. We sound almost identical when singing, although I think my sister has a warmer sound to her voice. She also dances 1000% better than I do. Here is my problem: another adult skater I will call "Beth". Beth and I take lessons from Amy during the same sessions. As a matter of fact, when I put together the days/times I could make it to the rink, I specifically stated that the earlier evening session would be almost impossible for me to make. However, it worked for Beth and therefore worked for Amy. I was able to adjust my work schedule, partially because they are tearing down my parking lot and I need to move my car by 7:00am. Beth began skating as a child, but quit and returned to the sport after college and a few years of employment. She is working on a MIF from the "regular track" and is ready to test these moves. That is not the issue here. The issue is Beth is working on higher jumps than I am. I wouldn't care but I'd say my success rate on the other jumps is about 70-80%. Beth's success rate is more like 30-40%. And she can't spin, not at all, so why is she working on flying camels? Yes, there is jealousy in here. I spend the first 10 minutes of every single lesson stroking. Also, 99% of the time, I have first lesson. I hate first lesson. My body needs more time to warm up and by the time it does, my lesson is almost over. I know stroking is an essential part of skating and no one has perfect stroking. But 10 minutes, every lesson? And it's never even close to being right. Ever. Never? Upon discussing this with my sister/room mate (and former competitor in theatre), she stated, "Remember all teachers, coaches, etc. want you to come back as a repeat customer. It's a business. No matter how much you like them and they like you, never forget, it's a business." Hadn't thought of it that way. So, I will work on my own, trying to perfect my stroking, jumps, spins and MIF. I'll also work on my jealousy issues. In the meantime, I have to finish a presentation on Freedom of Information on Cochlear Implants, which has to be in ASL. I also need to wear a light colored shirt. Wish me luck with both the ASL and the skating. (No musical quotes for this post; couldn't think of any. Sorry.)