Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Huh, What???

A recent trip to Lake Placid to watch some adult ISI skating proved to be a waste of time; there was only 2 adults and I missed them anyway. I did get to skate, and foolishly hurt my back. I couldn't take a deep breath; I'm still trying to figure out what I did. It snowed here on the east coast; a lot of snow. The mayor told people to stay home, if they could. My office closed for the day and 1/2 of the rinks I know were also closed. Not that it would have mattered. Between hurting my back and my car being buried by snow, the odds weren't good anyway. Now, here's the problem: I drive to the rink 99% of the time. I do not, however, drive in the snow. This is due to a near accident (or near miss) I had about 4 years ago. There was also an incident of a 360 degree donut my other car did about 10 years ago. As a result, I don't drive when there's snow on the ground. Not that it would matter because I park outside and the slight ramp I must drive up to get out of the lot is covered in ice. There's also the street I have to drive up to get to the lot; it too is up an incline. Ice and inclines... bad combination. That leaves me with another problem: where can I skate?? I'm taking public transportation to get to work. The bus takes an hour; the train only comes once ever half hour. I can't skate in the morning because I just can't get there. The rinks I might be able to skate in the evening will take another hour to travel to by bus. I find this ironic because one rink is only 7 miles away and it's going to take an hour? It's a bit difficult when rinks believe an "evening" session should begin at 3:00pm. Aren't kids just getting out of school at 3:00? Even 4:00 is pushing it a bit. A good evening session should begin at 6:00 or 6:45. Not too early, not too late. I know of three, but I'd have to have access to my car to get there... Oh well... Just to add a spanner to the mix (wrench), my coach told me on Sunday that I should do Easterns, the technical program. Really? After the vote of no confidence and not having done that program for two years?? I need a drink...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Howdy folks. Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday season. I learned what my drinking limit was. And I will never, ever forget again. I had my skate bag all packed to head to the rink on January 2nd, when NYC was hit by a snow storm. Since I don't drive in the snow, my efforts were dashed. Subsequently, my office was closed. Will be on the ice on Sunday. And then... who knows? "The best of times is now What's left of summer but A faded rose? The best of times is now As for tomorrow well, Who knows? Who knows? So hold this moment fast And live and love as hard As you know how And make this moment last Because the best of times Is now, is now!" The Best of Times from La Cage Aux Folles. Music and lyrics by Jerry Herman.