Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Was Inspired!!!

Yes, inspired. Why? Two women are representing the US at the World Championships. "Okay," you're thinking, but here's the kicker: BOTH are LEFTIES!!!! That's right! Or left! Both Ashley and Alissa are lefties. Take that!

So, with a fire in my belly (and not the usual fire I have that's caused by something upsetting my tummy...) I awoke this Sunday morning, looking forward to skating. Planning what I would do once I got on the ice. I dared to dream big. I had plans people, BIG plans!

I still felt that way even though by the time I wrapped my knees, took attendance and did the head count of skaters flying past me, there was only 15 minutes left to the first session. "It's okay," I told myself, "just get out there and work."

Then I stepped onto the ice.

Twenty-two skaters are too many to be on this session. The rink, I have discovered, is slightly smaller than Olympic size. Add to the mix the fact that 90% of the skaters come up to my shoulder, maybe. So I have to look down a little to see them. Did I ever mention that they can be a bit like gnats? They sort of buzz around you until you swat at them and then they scatter.

"No matter!" I said and decided to push on. Three laps around the track, half of a move in the field and the session was over. The Zamboni came out and did a resurface.

Then it got a little worse.

The head-count was already 18 when more and more people came up to me to sign in. I did the count on paper three times because I couldn't believe the number: 29. 29. The max on the session is 27, but really, 22 was too many. I had to do the head count six times before I got 29 skaters, although the first count yielded 44. (They're moving as I'm trying to count. And ALL little girls with long brown ponytails look alike from the back.)

I got on the ice and was promptly cut off doing... nothing. I gave up trying to finish my moves when I stepped forward to do the preliminary strokes into one of them and had a skater slam into me. She was looking right at me at the time.

"Okay, I'll do back spins." WRONG!!! In a space less than my height (5'6 1/4"), another adult skater thought that was the absolute best place for her to practice everything from kicking her leg in the air, to just doing crossovers. I tried ten back spins; did three successfully and ducked my fellow skater's leg four times, the other times, I just fell out of the spins.

I got off the ice.

I had gotten cold and stiff in that time and thought it would be best to just throw in the towel today.

On another note: music hogs are really rude. And I mean you Miss Missy, who played her program FOUR TIMES in a crowded session where there's another skater who is going to a competition next week and didn't get her music played at all.

I need to sleep now. This morning took so much out of me and I didn't even get to do anything. But, to quote Anne of Green Gables: "Tomorrow is another day, with no mistakes on it... yet."

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So, at work I got a new title. Nope, no money involved, but the title "Director" sounds cool. There are only 3 people in my department. In my company EVERYONE was made a director, so, it's safe to say that this was something to make everyone happy. I'm as happy as I can be there, which means I'm really not happy at all. Moving on....

On a totally different subject (and not skating just yet), when I dream, people are signing, not speaking. That's right, I am now dreaming in ASL, not PSE (Pigeon Signed English). I think it's cool. My mentor thinks it's cool. Even my family thinks it's cool. My co-workers think I am one step away from the looney bin.


In an effort to embrace good health and more skating, I have been doing a kick-ass workout during lunch. It takes about 30 minutes for most people, 37 minutes for me. Why? I spend 7 minutes after the workout is over lying on the floor unable to move. I'm just too tired to move. I was really hoping I would look a bit fitter after a week (and some pretty decent eating), but I still think I look like a brown Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man.

So, thinking I was doing the right thing, I launched myself into skating. Maybe not launch. I'm still only skating 2 days a week. I skated on Sunday and had a pretty good session; actually two pretty good sessions. Imagine my surprise. I landed jumps, I did spins, I even did those annoying MIF (Moves in the Field). I even laughed, which almost never happens when I have to monitor the session.

About two weeks ago, I was walking to the supermarket when something struck me: I work very, very hard on my sign language, in attempts to become fluent because it means so much to me. Skating means a lot to me too and I haven't been putting in nearly enough time. If I want to improve, I will have to do things that I'm not looking forward to. What? Getting up at 4:30 in the morning and driving to a 6:00 session two mornings a week before work.

I'm not really looking forward to it because I park my car 8 blocks from my apartment. Yes, 8 blocks and I pay to park there. (On a side note: because I park my car in a lot, near a tree, by a fence, someone decided to walk their dog on the property. I stepped in the deposit and spent my entire drive into work screaming "WHAT IS THAT SMELL??!!!!") I will probably look for parking the night before closer to my apartment so I can avoid the walk at 5:00am.

This past Sunday, I saw an old friend from skating. I hadn't seen her in over 3 years and she was kind enough to say that I looked like I lost weight. Okay, very kind. We started skating at about the same time. She is much more advanced than I am. And that kinda hurts now. Okay, sure, I've had more than my share of injuries and set backs, but come on! I'm at the same level I was at eight years ago. It's almost as though I've never improved. Or rather, that I improved for a while and then, suddenly it was gone again. I am NOT consistent. I chalk that up to not enough practice.

So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to bed. Yes, it's past 11:00pm. And no, I won't be getting up to go to the rink tomorrow morning. It's Tuesday night. I skate Wednesday evenings. I will (hopefully) go to bed early on Thursday night to get up and skate on Friday morning.

Wish me luck with that.

In the meantime, be careful where you step.