Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hey Up There... Way Up There...

I think the title comes from Follies; a Stephen Sondheim musical about the closing of an old theatre. I think it's from the song "Waiting for the Girls Upstairs". But don't quote me because I'm not sure. I move on Friday to a 3 bedroom apartment with BOTH of my sisters. If you hear screaming in October (when the other sister moves in), it's just us; we can be loud when we get started. I would write more, but I accidentally packed my glasses and can't really see this clearly... More when I've settled and am back on the ice. P.S. Who ordered the summer weather for NYC? Today, it was 81 degrees; it's MAY.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lost In A Storm

Looking for an apartment is exhausting. And frustrating. A two bedroom apartment should NOT be a Jr. 4. Please don't say it's "huge" when my love seat won't fit in the living room. Add this to my lack of skating, Adult Nationals just ending (without me, again) and my weight creeping up from lack of exercise and you have my life right now. I feel huge, Jabba the Hut huge (Star Wars reference!). I haven't been able to workout during lunch either. Ugh! Watching Adult Nationals is both inspiring and frustrating. Inspiring because I want to skate, improve and compete again. Frustrating because I've notice that there aren't a lot of minorities in the competition. Also, where are the lefties? So, in order to represent the permanently tanned and the lefty skaters, I will have up my game... Just as soon as I move. I must find a place in the next 3 1/2 weeks or put all of my stuff into a storage unit and live with my other sister. While I'm hoping for the best, I'm okay with living with my other sister for one month. My sister/roommate, on the other hand, is adamant. NO. NOT HAPPENING! NOT IN HER LIFETIME. This is what happens when two strong personalities may have to live with one another. Skating wise, I am still surprised that I can maintain some form and skill when only skating once a week, not working out and eating whatever I can grab while in the car. On a positive note, I recently saw two apartments that are "maybes" rather than "hell no!". Seeing another one tomorrow. Wish me luck!