Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back On Track

I took a really bad fall on Tuesday.

I was doing a flip jump and somehow opened up in the middle of it. The next thing I knew, I was flat on my back with my feet flying over my head. I did a nice shoulder roll that I was never able to do on demand when I was taking gymnastics (which was a dumb idea for a 5'6" woman). I got back up and did a few more attempts, but I must admit, all sorts of places hurt on my body and I limped off the ice and went home.

I also hurt my wrist, but again, I don't know how.

I was asked if I hit my head. I don't think so. To be quite sure, I just don't remember.

My skating schedule returns to normal on Sunday and I'm thrilled. What I don't like is the 8 1/2 block walk to my car in the early morning hours. I will have to find someplace else to park when I have to get up that early.

For now, my wrist still hurts and I should ice it. And my back. And my shoulder. And my side.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

My vacation is nearly over. As is the summer, which pretty much sucked.

I think I've skated more during my week long vacation than I did all summer. Needless to say, some of my "skills" have decided to remain on vacation, even though it is long time for them to return.

Skills, I expect you back after Labor Day. Don't make me come after you!

I spent most of the summer studying, practicing and absorbing as much ASL as possible. I think my brain is slightly fried, but there's no time for that as school begins again on Tuesday. My stomach hurts just thinking about it.

Or it was the spiked lemonade I just had; not sure which.

This brings me to decision making time.

I don't have a lot of free time anymore. Between the 40 mile round trip commute, school two nights and one morning per week (Saturday mornings), and my favorite, rinks that refuse to have decent schedules for freestyle, I have a very tough decision to make... monitoring the Sunday morning session again.

This time, there is a twist.

My coach, Amy, has agreed to come in most Sunday mornings for me on the second session. I have informed the powers that be, that I am willing to monitor the first session and the first session only. Once that zamboni hits the ice, I am just another skater. Since there will only be two 50 minute sessions, no longer will there be a session for the "elite" high test skaters. They will have to learn how to play nice with everyone else. Too bad if a 7 year old gets in your way. Go around her!

The other twist is that if it doesn't work out for me; I'm gone. Last year was pure hell, evil and the biggest waste of my time. I don't plan to waste my time this year.

I have been invited to the 2011 Police and Firefighters World Games. Just walking into the venue had me missing competing. I really must get my butt in gear. I am still unhappy with my weight and I really have no excuse for it. I must admit if it wasn't nailed down, I ate it. That really has to stop because everything I eat is making me sick. My gastroenterologist still insists it's stress. Perhaps if I took a real vacation instead of staying home studying and grabbing random skating sessions while having to listen to my annoying lead-footed upstairs neighbors, I'd have a bit less stress. (Sidebar: My upstairs neighbors are so heavy on their feet, I know EXACTLY where they are in their apartment at all times. When they walk across the floor, my apartment vibrates!)

I am strangely giddy and optimistic about everything, which is SOOOOOO not like me. You'd think I was finally on anti-depressants again. FYI, they only made sick the first time, which is why I'm not on them any longer. I am one of those people who need to stay busy all the time. Between work (blah!), skating, the gym and school, I can't imagine how I could have time to feel sorry for spending so much time alone and not being in a relationship and never having any fun...

I think I thought too long...

And for the record: there is no such thing as "big-boned". Recently I was called big-boned. While I wish this was a true excuse for my size, I really am just fat. Not happy about it and this time, I will work harder to rectify that situation.

Still, I have 4 days left thanks to the Labor Day weekend. Sleeping in sounds like a plan since I won't be able to do it again until Thanksgiving.