Sunday, June 3, 2012

Imagine My Surprise!

Yes, imagine my surprise when I checked the schedule of events for the competition held this weekend to discover there were NO adults listed. Now I'm annoyed at myself because even if I skated like crap, I would have won a medal! Next year I'll be ready with both an artistic/dramatic program and a technical one. I had started before the Wednesday night sessions had ended. I haven't skated in 2 weeks and I miss it. My heel spurs don't miss it right now, but when my weight gets high, I get heel spurs. Guess that's my body's way of saying, "Yo! Fatty! Lose some weight!" No pressure, right? Went to an ASL meet-up yesterday. That's were some Deaf and hearing ASL students get together and chat. There's a woman, pretty nice, but she asked me if I understood what was going on. Excuse me? I've been attending these on and off for almost two years. While she is in an interpreter's program and I am not, I don't appreciate anyone thinking I'm not catching on. If I had a problem, I'd ask the person I was talking to, not someone not in my conversation. I guess she means well, but it struck me as odd. Very odd. Hope to find out my skating schedule by the end of the week. Will keep you posted. Until that time, be well.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Is It June Already??

My sentence as the ice monitor for the Sunday sessions has finally ended. It actually ended a few weeks ago, but Blogger wasn't cooperating and AOL no longer supports it. AOL doesn't support much these days: YouTube, Blogger, Ice Network and another site that I can't recall the name of, but shows musical numbers from Broadway shows. My final two weeks as monitor were punctuated by my not skating at all. I suppose because the outdoor rinks had closed, everyone and their cousin showed up for the club session. They all brought their attitudes and their obnoxious parents. So, what did I end up doing? Playing the music. Program after program. It was because of the music hogs; those kids and coaches who have to play their music over and over again. Uggghhhhh!!!!! Happily, some of the kids were really grateful that I played the music. One girl asked if I would get the chance to skate the session and I told her no. She stated, "That's not fair." And I said, "No, it's not. But it's okay because it's the last time I'll do it." And it was. There's a party next Sunday to say good-bye to those skaters who are going off to college. It's also to say good-bye to me. I've already told the other monitors and several of the club officers that I won't be available to monitor next year. While everyone understands why I don't want to come back, everyone still wants me to return. When I asked, why? What was in it for me? No one could answer me. It was for the good of the club, I was told. Allow me to mention again: this is not my home club. Tomorrow is the competition that I'm not doing. I'm really disappointed that nothing worked right this season. I'm still fat. I still have an annoying cough, a back that always hurts and a job that I hate. I have spent so much time concentrating on studying ASL that I have let other things slip through my fingers. Skating, writing, dieting, working out. I need to find a balance. I need to find some way to lose 50 pounds. I'd also like to have a date sometime this decade. I just want a little happiness. And three solid double jumps and maybe one triple.