Friday, March 21, 2014


When someone says "STOP", I never know if it's in the Name of Love; Hammer Time, or if I'm supposed to collaborate and listen. That being said, I have skated once or twice, in between studying, packing and tossing out old stuff. For someone who is only skating once a week, I find myself still maintaining the same level of mediocrity I had before. However, I do have goals for the upcoming months: Non skating related, first and foremost is to find an apartment. One without young, "I only know one song on the guitar, which I play while smoking pot every single day and playing indy music you're much, much too old and uncool to understand", people living underneath me. Skating related, I really want to take these tests and move on. I am so tired of the Silver MIF test; I've lost track as to how long I've been working on it. And the freestyle... UGGH!!! Why did they have to make a flip jump a requirement?? My flip jump took a vacation when my last ex-boyfriend broke up with me and hasn't made a complete return! I would find that guy and ask if he has my flip jump (no, he wasn't a skater, just slime), but I don't think his wife would appreciate it. (To my unmarried female readers: Have you ever noticed that the guys you date get married to the next girl THEY date?? This has happened to me FOUR times! Wonder if it's me... No, it's them. It's always them...) Where was I?? Flip jumps... My lutz is better. Heck, my axel is better than my flip and I haven't tried one in years! I've decided to keep trying them off the ice. Recently, I received a comment from another blog about why people don't read mine. Her suggestion was that maybe if I added photos or video, it would help. Well, if someone could please, please, please explain to me like I was 4 how to do it, I'd be more than happy to share. If you know how to do that, please tell me. I tried to add in a GIF but nothing happened. There's supposed to me someone dancing at the top of this post. See ya on the ice!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Break Time!!!

I will be off the ice for the next few weeks thanks to many issues, which do not include injury, but do include packing to move. My upstairs neighbors sound like elephants, all day and all night (I don't think they sleep). My downstairs neighbors are young, so they are relatively inconsiderate and play loud music all day and half the night. Someone received a guitar for Christmas; they know one song. When they aren't playing music that is "too cool for me to appreciate", they are playing that one... blasted... song!!! I used to play the guitar. I could teach them the 3 1/2 songs I know: "Walk, Don't Run"; "Isn't She Lovely"; "Malaguena"; and the intro to "Pilate's Dream" from Jesus Christ Superstar. Anyway, I need to start packing. My funds are tied up in the move, so skating will be taking a back seat for a while. See you soon. Try not to write too many comments; I might get a swell head.