Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Skating Rinks, Why Do You Hate Adults??

It's summer. It's hot. I want to skate. Can I? Well, the answer is relative, based entirely on whether I'm having a good skate or not, but I digress. My question is more of time. I have time to skate, but what I don't have is location. I was hoping that the rink closest to that hell-hole I call a job would have one or two evening sessions I could make, but no. They consider 4:00 evening; making the session perfect for kids, people who are teachers and those who stay at home. For those of us who work a 9-5 gig, you are "SOOL" (s^&t out of luck). Just trying to curb my swearing to when I'm driving in the car. Okay. There's City Ice Pavilion, a lovely rink, but about 30 miles from my job and the session begins at 5:30. Even if I leave work at 4:30, I still wouldn't make it on time. Thank you for the evening sessions City Ice. Why couldn't you have had the brat hockey skaters at 5:30 instead of 7:00? World Ice Arena happily has 7:00 session. Right now I can do one day; this will change in 3 weeks when my Wednesday class is over. Yeah! My coach can't come to World Ice. Boo! What I really don't understand is the reluctance to have honest to goodness evening ice sessions. City Ice, when it first opened had real evening sessions three days a week. Usually, I skated two of them. They were happy to have us and our money, but now, I suppose our money doesn't generate enough revenue. Too bad; I really like that rink and the people who skate there. That leaves me with good old Chelsea Piers on Saturday mornings before ASL classes on Saturday afternoons. Nothing is more fun than running around Manhattan like a crazy person in the summertime. Ah, New York in the summer. Please insert your favorite heat related song here. Mine is "Summer in the City". Sadly, I don't remember who sings it.