Saturday, November 16, 2013

Start the Clock

Before I begin, I must get something off my chest that has occurred lately. At work, I listen to physicians (and their office staff - usually their spouses) complain. I listen to it for 8 hours a day, five days a week. They complain about payments from insurance companies, delays in payment, the Affordable Care Act, Congress, and the amount of money they must pay to belong to the organization. Sometimes, the amount of money is large; sometimes, very small. I spent a year trying to get a physician paid $20. I was willing to write the check myself. That's the back story. I mention it only because lately (and by lately I mean the last 15 years) I have become everyone's complaint desk. I don't understand it and I'd like to stop. I was almost late for school after skating because someone had to tell me why they don't like a particular coach. Or why they want to take their child out of a program and put her in another one. I don't really know this person other than to say "hello". It's difficult to withstand the burden of listening to complaints 7 days a week; at work, at home, at school, at the rink. The only place no one uses me as the complaint desk is church, and I don't attend often enough. I mention it only because if I sound really tired, that's why. Also, I really, really needed to get that out there. Last Sunday, I had an awesome lesson. I was getting over a really, really bad cold that knocked me off my feet for 5 days (okay, maybe it was the flu), so I don't know if all the sweating was from working hard, or from a fever. Either way, ALL of my jumps were landed. ALL!!!!!! They were effortless. They were high. They had speed. They were wonderful!!! And my MIF, even my outside mohawks (which I consider torture devices) were good. Were they passing? Only if the judges were being kind, but they've improved 100% and I could do a cartwheel. The only thing I couldn't do was spin, only because I kept getting dizzy. Fast forward to today. I was able to attend my Syncho Team's rehearsal on Thursday and although this was only my second rehearsal and everyone else has been going for 2 months, I worked hard to catch up. There were some things I just couldn't get, but memorized them and asked Amy to help me. Today, we worked on improving my MIF Crossrolls (I think that's what they're called), with speed and power and good solid edges. It's my best move and it's looking even better. If that was my only MIF, I would have taken the test and passed by now, but they insist that I do the other moves too. Can you believe that? The nerve... Afterwards, it was time to work on the footwork for the Syncho Team. Are you familiar with "the Drunken Sailor" move? I was not; now I am. And call me a wino, it's the outside mohawk, which, as you know is also on my MIF test. So, it's like a double practice: Footwork AND MIF. Although we only perform it on the left side in Syncho, I will be practicing it on the right (my weaker side) tomorrow. I'm still working on the double threes and the back loops. The double threes are better than I expected, having to do three turns in MIF. But those back loops! Uggh!!! I had enough trouble trying to learn forward loops (and I never could really do them) and now I have to do them backwards. It's a challenge. I accept that challenge. On another high note, I had a brief conversation with Amy, the Wonder Coach, about my skills and my hopes and frustrations. She said something that surprised me. She said I was more advanced than I give myself credit for and more advanced than many of the other adult skaters on the sessions I skate. My problem, she said, was a simple lack of confidence and commitment to just keep trying. I don't have to do everything perfectly, but I shouldn't stop because I think it looks funny or feels weird. I needed that. I accept that challenge too. "It's our time, breathe it in: Worlds to change and worlds to win. Our turn coming through, Me and you, pal, Me and you! Years from now, We'll remember and we'll come back, Buy the rooftop and hang a plaque: This is where we began, Being what we can. It's our heads on the block, Give us room and start the clock. Our dreams coming true, Me and you, pal, Me and you! Me and you! Me and you!"** Our Time from Merrily We Roll Along; Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim