Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ahha Moment

Oprah Winfrey is constantly talking about "Ahha Moments" in her magazine, on her network and probably while having her hair done. I had such a moment a few weeks ago. As you may recall, I had been experiencing intense and incredible pain every time I put my skates on. It was awful. The pain would travel up my legs and eventually cause both my feet and legs to go numb. I couldn't figure it out and was ready to toss the skates and skating aside, believing that it could not be fixed. Then one day, while in a rush, I laced up my skates but not as tight as usual and.... AHHA!!!! No pain. Why? Apparently, I had been lacing my skates entirely too tightly. My old skates were on their last legs for years and I just kept making them tighter and tighter until I foolishly thought that was the way I HAD to lace them. Uggh! I wasted two years of skating due to this. Two years! Well, not wasted, but I could have been so much more comfortable. On another note, I apologize for being negligent with this blog. I don't think many people read it, so I figured no one would notice if it suddenly slowed down. If you did notice, thank you and I'll try to post more often. If you didn't notice, well then, why not? I'll continue to write whether you notice or not. Until next time.

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